Play Date!


Mae Mae took Nick on an adventure last week!  Coco Colin was in a children’s show, and they went to see him play the Evil Queen.  Afterwards, Nick got to hang out with Coco (and his wig!) and to create a puppet.  He’s decided that the puppet is Cookie Monster, who loves to eat “cookies” (puzzle pieces lying around the house).


Ehhh Haircut

Sadly, the place we went to get Nick’s Haircut the first couple of times is no longer doing haircuts!  So we checked out a fancy place in Williamsburg that specializes in kids.  They were so nice, and he was so well behaved, but when we got home and the hair product dried… um, not a good cut, especially when we paid way more than we should for this little head of hair.  So Daddy tried to cut a little shorter around the ears to make up for it…and may have cut off his sideburns.  Oh, well.  It’s not fair how cute this kid is anyway, so we’ll deal with funky hair for a while!

Christmas #5: PA

We had our final Christmas 2016… in 2017!  The new tradition is to come together with Jon’s family over Martin Luther King Jr. weekend.  It was another fun time with the cousins, and Nicholas even had a little sleepover with Gabriella.  (I mean, he woke up screaming in the middle of the night and ended up with us, but they were so cute when they got tucked in!)  There was lots of dancing and playing with new toys… particularly some new electronic devices…

Christmas #4: OH

On Christmas afternoon, Nick and I set off on a short adventure to see the Ferris side of the family.  We flew to Pittsburgh, where Grandma, Grandpa Rich, and Tio Benito picked us up.  This was the first time that we’d flown since Nick turned 2, which means he officially needed his own seat.  For some reason I’d worried that he needed something like a car seat, so I foolishly bought an expensive harness to hook him into his regular seat a little better.  When I reassured the flight attendant that I had the harness, he shrugged and said, “Huh.  I’ve never seen one of those before.”  Let me go ahead and say that Nick just sat in the seat like a regular person on the way home. It was a completely unnecessary investment.  Sigh.  Anyone want this harness?

At Pittsburgh airport…


Another “Christmas morning”… He might not have wanted his picture taken in one… Grandma and Grandpa got him a very special book and a Kindle Fire that he gleefully refers to as his “computer!”

Aunt Sarah and Uncle Merlin came and joined us for a fun day that included delicious food, a walk to the lake (as Nick reminds me, with “goose poop!”), some caroling and lots of laughter!  (Hey, wait, is that Jon in one of the pictures?  Why, yes it is, thanks to Sarah’s photoshopping skills!  PS: It is also one of the weirdest photos of me in a while…don’t know what I was saying!)

The next day…our last day, as it was a very quick trip…we checked out a really cool local coffee shop while a Grandpa got a tire patched, and we were headed back to Pittsburgh.  Our whirlwind tour ended with a very content boy on an airplane, sitting in his big boy seat and playing on his computer.

Christmas #3: NY

We could call this Christmas proper.  After a late night driving home, Nick slept a little longer than usual.  I should cherish these years before he wakes us up extra early with the excitement about Santa’s visit, I know.  We actually had a pretty tight schedule for the day, so I started the day by making pumpkin pancakes very loudly, which did wake him up.

Once again, he got some momentum going with the gifts and was disappointed when they were all through.  He’d asked Santa for candy and a “great big elephant.”  He got both!  But the big gift was actually a book that just fell on our radar a week or two prior.  At school, they’d begun reading books about Pete the Cat, and it’s all he can talk about now!  I have video of when he opened that book, but I don’t have the fancy version of the blog that allows me to upload videos.  Just know that he was very pleased.  Unfortunately, we didn’t save that gift for very last, so every gift after Pete the Cat was glanced at and casually tossed aside…

We finished the gifts and headed to Nonno and Nonna’s…to show them Pete the Cat, of course!


(A couple of pictures of big people, too…Me with the very sweet gift from Jon, celebrating the Cavs championship, and Jon with his dad in identical sweaters because apparently Barbara and I found the exact same Macy’s sale and coincidentally decided that our husbands needed a black sweater, and they both happened to wear their present that day!)