We Heart North Fork

Nick’s birthday celebrations continued with a trip to the North Fork of Long Island  with Grandpa Rich and Grandma.  We’d never been there before, but it was terrific, and we’ll definitely be back!

Along the way, we had our choice of produce stands and decided to stop at one where we could have some freshly smoked corn-on-the-cob.

Perhaps the coolest part of the trip was Nick’s new affinity for getting into the swimming pool.  He actually didn’t hesitate getting in… In fact, the first time I showed him the pool, he begin climbing down the steps in his clothes and was completely soaked before we’d even checked in.  The bigger challenge was that he wanted me to hold him the entire time, which was exhausting.  I tried to pass him off…Nope.  We tried getting him a floatie…Nope.  But he eventually warmed up to both Grandpa Rich’s arms and the floatie.

We also headed to the local beach, which was actually more pebbles than sand.  At first I was worried that Nick would be disappointed that he couldn’t play in the sand.  What was I thinking?  The beach full of smooth, beautiful rocks was paradise for this kid.  He had a blast throwing rocks into the water.

The town nearest The Blue Inn, where we stayed (and swam!) was Greenport. It was a great place to walk around, shop, ride the carousel and eat our newest love: cream ices.

We also checked out a new coffee spot (Four & Twenty Blackbirds)  in the next town over, and it also happened to specialize in pies…

Saying goodbye at the end of a great trip.


Our sweet boy is 2!   His actual birthday was actually very quiet, as we prepared for lots of celebrating to come.  Because of his love of Sesame Street, we used that as a birthday theme, and he did enjoy a Mommy-made Cookie Monster cupcake that day.

imageThe next day, we headed to Babci Grandma and Papa Vinnie’s house, where we were joined by Grandma and Grandpa Rich for dinner and cake.  Nick has been so good about singing “Happy Birthday” to everyone else, so now it was his turn!

The next day, we all went to Sesame Place! I knew it would be a good day when we pulled into the parking lot and Nick got excited about the characters on the parking signs!  Unfortunately, it was unbearably hot, so the whole day was a battle against the heat.  Nick did love the wading pools though, so he kept cool the best he could that way!

We also escaped inside to watch Elmo the Musical….

We met Oscar and Cookie Monster…

And saw them all in the parade.  The parade wasn’t until 3:00, so although Nick loved seeing everyone, the heat and exhaustion left him pretty dazed.

He fell asleep on the way home but managed to muster up the energy to tell Papa Vinnie all about his day. Barely.


Just before his second birthday, Nick had his first trip to the dentist.  Dr. Raf at Bitesize was extremely kind and patient, and Daniel Tiger was playing on a tv above our heads! Plus, Nick got a balloon, a duckie and some stickers, so it made the anxiety of having a stranger’s hands in his mouth worth it, I think. Whenever we use the new toothbrush, Nick announces, “Dentist!”


Reunion with Astrid

When Nick was 5 months old, we went to Astrid’s first birthday party.  So just shy of Nick’s second birthday, we got them together again.  They were slightly more aware of each other this time…at least, Nick was very aware of her Cookie Monster toy.  But we went to Brookfield Place, had ice cream and went to a really cool playground nearby.  The moms got to catch up, and the kids had a lot of fun playing… near each other…

A comparison: