Big Boy Bed

In the midst of potty-training, we also switched this kid over to the toddler version of his bed. He transitioned very well! It’s almost like he doesn’t realize that he can get out and come to us… but then we got up one morning to find that he’d used his potty in the middle of the night! Go, Nick!

Side note: At some point in the last week or so, he’s decided to start calling us Mom and Dad, instead of Mommy and Daddy. So now he’s even more mature all of a sudden….


It’s Potty Time!

We are going to officially call potty-training a success! Truth be told, we probably could’ve done this a while ago. We started at the end of July, and we had a few stubborn days, especially around the move. In August I took a couple of days to let him run around pants-free, and that really helped. He does, however, use his little Elmo potty, which requires dumping/cleaning like a chamber pot…

By the time school started, he was in pretty good shape, even using a couple of public toilets. He definitely decided that he doesn’t want to go in his pull-up (or underpants!), and he’ll actually cry if he does. We worried that he’d be too shy to ask for help at school and didn’t want him to be traumatized, so we kept him in pull-ups at first, but he’s in underpants for school now, too. (Apparently they’ve even had him practice standing up to pee… when I’d pick him up, he’d tell me all about how he peed on the floor or the wall…) Even better, he’s pulling his own pants down and up! We are so proud!

Cake Pop Joy

Nick is currently obsessed with the movie Sing. (First it was Horton Hears A Who, then The Lorax, Trolls, Sing, and just now started creeping towards Zootopia…) His favorite Sing character is a porcupine named Ash. He talks to her on the phone and tells anyone who will listen about his girlfriend Ash… Well, Starbucks currently has a cake pop decorated to look like a hedgehog, which can definitely pass for a porcupine. Here is Nick with his Ash cake pop. This is what pure joy looks like. (And for those wondering, as much as he loves her, yes, he ate it.)

First Week of Preschool

Most parents get a nice first day picture of their child holding a sign with a great big smile. My child had a fit as soon as I mentioned taking a picture and refused to hold the sign… and refused to stand up. So I ended up with this:

The drop-offs were tough all week. He’s used to being with me constantly, so this is taking some adjustment…arms thrown around my legs, screaming, “I want Mommy! Don’t leave me!” But it’s also a brand new school, so we expected some anxiety. The first day of school, he was crying when I picked him up as well, but the rest of the week found him pleasant and ready to tell me about his day.

Despite the first day tears, I did manage to get a picture outside of the school. Perhaps the smile is because Mommy DID come back!

Wildwood Crest 2017

We spent a week on the Jersey Shore with Babci Grandma, Papa Vinnie and Uncle Chris. We even got to see Uncle Eric, Aunt Nicky and the cousins at the beginning of the week! Nick made some strides forward… in potty-training (he even used a porta-potty at the beach!) and by going on a ride alone with Vivi… but he seems to have taken a step back when it comes to the ocean. He loves the sand, but any time we got anywhere near the water, he absolutely panicked. It seems to be the waves. Other than that, we had a great time, visiting the boardwalk and Cape May, eating some great food, and playing with Ghostbusters, of course. It was a nice final trip of the summer!


Nick turned 3 in the midst of some major tantrums, many of which were potty-related. The days leading up to his birthday were fairly rough, but he definitely peaked on the actual day. I made his birthday cupcakes but deliberated whether or not to actually sing and do the candles that day… that’s how difficult he was! In the end, we ended up doing the cupcakes, but he didn’t open any presents. Instead, I used them as rewards for using the potty the next day.

He also had his 3-year appointment, his first as a “big boy,” which means he didn’t have to strip down to his diaper. He did, however, have to have 2 booster shots.

At three, Nicholas is a little pickier about his food, but he does especially like peanut butter sandwiches, mac & cheese, Honey Nut Cheerios, plain bagels with plain cream cheese, and string cheese. He loves Ghostbusters, Trolls and (most recently) the movie Sing. He really enjoys puzzles and is still pretty timid at the playground. Music is really his thing… JT, MJ, Bruno Mars, and lots more. He learns lyrics (or his version of lyrics) surprisingly quickly and can sing on key. He is so loved by everyone who knows him, and he’s pretty quick to return the love with kisses and hugs.

Ohio Vacay

One Thursday, Mommy, Daddy and Nick got up bright and early and drove to Ohio. At the end of our journey, we were rewarded with a new car for Nick (!) and dinner at the Hartville Kitchen for everyone. Plus, lots of hugs from Grandpa Rich and Grandma.

Jon and I had requested at least one day of doing nothing, so that was our second day. As always, Nick was able to stay plenty occupied. (Even enough that Mommy and Daddy snuck away for some shopping and a movie!)

That night we had a failed attempt at a special birthday…somebody, who shall remain nameless, had a tantrum and a bad attitude, so we decided to try the next evening instead…

We spent some time at Wingfoot Lake the next day. Too many crazy kids at the playground, so Nick preferred to check out the water and the boats. When we saw a patch of sand, he decided we were at the beach and wanted to take off his shoes and walk in the water. We talked him out of that, but we did get him close enough to touch the water. That night, the birthday celebration was a success: cake and presents from Grandma and Grandpa, especially Peter Venkman and Slimer action figures that now go everywhere Nick goes. (Except to bed. Mommy said they are "too pointy.")

On Sunday, Jon had to head back, and Nick and I visited Grandma & Grandpa's church. We did get through the children's sermon before spending most of the time in the nursery. Nick is all about exploring new toys! Afterwards, we had lunch and went to a playground while Grandma had choir practice.

Monday was Akron Zoo day! We had a great time, minus two epic public tantrums. This was a great zoo for getting close to the animals. Nick especially liked the bats and the exhibit on "Curious Creatures," where he pet a giant millipede! He also went on the carousel with Grandma. After the successful rides at Martha's Vineyard, I thought the secret was getting him onto one of the animals that didn't go up and down, but Grandma thought he might've been jealous of the ones that did, so maybe next time he's just ready for a regular ride…

On our last full day, we had a Donut/Smoothie picnic at the park!

Nick and I flew out of CAK happy and loved. The hour-and-a-half delay in Detroit hardly even phased us. We'd had a really great week in Ohio with both fun and relaxation.