Ohio Vacay

One Thursday, Mommy, Daddy and Nick got up bright and early and drove to Ohio. At the end of our journey, we were rewarded with a new car for Nick (!) and dinner at the Hartville Kitchen for everyone. Plus, lots of hugs from Grandpa Rich and Grandma.

Jon and I had requested at least one day of doing nothing, so that was our second day. As always, Nick was able to stay plenty occupied. (Even enough that Mommy and Daddy snuck away for some shopping and a movie!)

That night we had a failed attempt at a special birthday…somebody, who shall remain nameless, had a tantrum and a bad attitude, so we decided to try the next evening instead…

We spent some time at Wingfoot Lake the next day. Too many crazy kids at the playground, so Nick preferred to check out the water and the boats. When we saw a patch of sand, he decided we were at the beach and wanted to take off his shoes and walk in the water. We talked him out of that, but we did get him close enough to touch the water. That night, the birthday celebration was a success: cake and presents from Grandma and Grandpa, especially Peter Venkman and Slimer action figures that now go everywhere Nick goes. (Except to bed. Mommy said they are "too pointy.")

On Sunday, Jon had to head back, and Nick and I visited Grandma & Grandpa's church. We did get through the children's sermon before spending most of the time in the nursery. Nick is all about exploring new toys! Afterwards, we had lunch and went to a playground while Grandma had choir practice.

Monday was Akron Zoo day! We had a great time, minus two epic public tantrums. This was a great zoo for getting close to the animals. Nick especially liked the bats and the exhibit on "Curious Creatures," where he pet a giant millipede! He also went on the carousel with Grandma. After the successful rides at Martha's Vineyard, I thought the secret was getting him onto one of the animals that didn't go up and down, but Grandma thought he might've been jealous of the ones that did, so maybe next time he's just ready for a regular ride…

On our last full day, we had a Donut/Smoothie picnic at the park!

Nick and I flew out of CAK happy and loved. The hour-and-a-half delay in Detroit hardly even phased us. We'd had a really great week in Ohio with both fun and relaxation.

Baby’s First ER Visit

The day prior could be labeled "Mommy's Fail Day"…. Nick and I had a fun day running around Manhattan… having brunch, playing, picking up odds and ends… but when we rode a city bus for the last leg of our journey, I didn't have the Mommy reflexes that I should've when the driver slammed on the brakes. Nick flew out of his seat and hit his head on the plastic area in front. He cried right away, and I felt horrible. It looked like a little bruise and nothing more.

Later that evening, Jon and I were unpacking and hanging pictures when Nick decided to stand on a box. It slipped out from under him, and this time he hit the back of his head on the floor. Same thing, he cried right away and I didn't feel a bump. Two major bonks in one day! It wouldn't have been an issue except….

The next day he woke up vomiting and continued to vomit for the next hour. This made me too nervous. Jon was working, so the easiest place to get to was Urgent Care, where the doctor said that the only way to rule out serious injury was to take him for a scan at the ER. So we hopped another bus over to the hospital where Nick was born.

It was a long day…. I couldn't stay with Nick during the scan because of the pregnancy, and he freaked out. So Jon had to figure out getting out of work early. In the meantime, they drew blood and gave Nick an iv. He screamed during the process, but afterwards we called it his superhero hand. Jon came and stood beside him during the scan, and after even more waiting and stress, we found out that his head was fine. Just the unfortunate timing of a stomach bug. As we were checking out, he did throw up again, which prompted the doctor to start another iv bag and try to keep him longer. Luckily there was a shift change, and we managed to escape! Nick had been waiting all day for a bagel and cream cheese…. at about 8 pm, he finally got it.

A 3 BR Apartment

Big changes in the Ferrara family! We are happy to announce that Cub #2 should be joining us in December. Nick is getting a little brother! We waited a while to go totally public for reasons that I will go into at a later date…. But here is what we've seen so far:

At 12 weeks… his hand is on his mouth… I saw this child sucking his thumb already!

At 19 weeks. Top photo is profile, and bottom photo is actually the bottoms of his feet.

Because of this news, we knew we'd need more space, so we are now living in a 3 bedroom in Middle Village, a neighborhood away. Leaving the old apartment was sad…. Mae came to entertain Nick while we did the final clearing/ cleaning, and we took some last photos. (We also used these to make our Facebook announcement about the baby.)

Goodbye, Ridgewood! You were very good to us!

A little bolder every day…

After leaving MV, we spent a couple of days with our family in Hingham. Jon and I got in a great visit with Uncle Eric and Aunt Nicky, and Nick got lots of cousin time! While we were there, Nick got reacquainted with the beach and even requested to get into a kayak! He went searching for crabs with Vivi and helped make a fort with Gabby and Sam. He cheered for Gabby and Sam at their first swim meet of the season. He had so much fun that he didn't want to leave when the weekend was over!

“Marsha’s” Vineyard

After a very cream cheesy bagel, Nick and I got on a plane to Martha's Vineyard, or as Nick calls it, Marsha's Vineyard. We were greeted by Uncle Barry, Aunt Wendy and Nana.

We just relaxed on the day of our arrival, with one of a week full of delicious dinners cooked by Aunt Wendy & Uncle Barry. But Tuesday kicked off some adventure: a toddler dance class in the morning (which Nick was a little too young for, so we didn't stay long) and an amazing marionette show in the evening.

On Wednesday morning, we played at a really cool playground before heading to the ferry to pick up Daddy.

Nick was in love with the fountain and never wanted to leave it when we walked by.

On Thursday, we went on our pirate adventure! Nana saw an ad earlier in the week and suggested we see if Nick was interested. When we'd walked by the kids getting ready and saw the ship, Nick simply said, "I wanna be a pirate!" So Thursday was the day. We got "Night Hawk Nick" a bandana, sword, eyepatch, and skull and crossbones tattoo, and he refused a vest and sash. He was definitely the youngest one on the crew and didn't participate as much, but one worker in particular tried to keep him as involved as possible as we boarded the ship and set sail to find the treasure. He did get to fire a water cannon and was one of the lucky little ones to open the actual treasure chest when it was found! Plus, no sea-sickness, which was a relief.

That evening, we went to the carousel. In the past, Nick would see a carousel and definitely want to ride a horse. Then once it started moving he would panic, and we'd have to sit on the boring bench part. Well, maybe it's just because these horses don't go up and down, but we had a ride so successful that he wanted to go again! He even tried (unsuccessfully) to grab for rings.

We also got another photo for Jon's collection of iconic film locations. Jaws was filmed on Martha's Vineyard, so here is a movie theatre from the film:

Friday we said goodbye to the Vineyard, but not before playing a little more. We had such a wonderful week and are so grateful to Uncle Barry and Aunt Wendy for opening their home to us.