National Zoo & the Exorcist Steps

We decided to spend Friday at the National Zoo. By this point, Nick was pretty spent, and it was quite a journey to get there in the first place. He was very interested in the tigers and lions, but he was most excited to find the elephants. When we finally got there, he just wanted to play with the display materials. We pointed out the actual elephants to no avail. So we decided that we’d see the famous pandas and maybe a couple more things before calling it a day. We waited in a herd of people for 45 minutes for those pandas. Again, Nick didn’t care about the actual pandas. The photo of him on the bench was taken immediately after the pandas. He is mad at me for taking a picture and telling me to “Shhhh, stop talking.”

Conclusion: This is a really fantastic zoo. I would like to go back…when he’s a few years older, though!

Before we headed out of town on Saturday, we made one more stop, the one Jon was most excited about. Jon has this dream of visiting as many famous film landmarks as we can, and the famous staircase from The Exorcist just happens to be in Georgetown. So we visited the steps (which can be found by typing “Exorcist Steps” into Google Maps and which are oddly located right next to an Exxon station), got some amazing donuts from District Donuts down the street, and made one final stop for Mommy (and Papa Vinnie). I typically bring something sweet to family dinners, so because I couldn’t bake anything while we traveled, I ordered a dozen cupcakes from the famous Georgetown cupcakes! Then it was on to Babci Grandma’s!

Boppin’ Around D.C.

As we were walking back to the hotel from Iwo Jima on Wednesday night, we saw a tour bus drive by, and I said, “When we’re older and bring our grandkids here, we’ll use one of those.”   Jon said, “Why wait until we’re older?!”

So we bought tickets for one of those hop-on/hop-off trolleys and spent Thursday seeing as much as we could see!  We started at the Lincoln Memorial, where Nick climbed all of the steps by himself, and continued to walk down the mall, stopping at the Vietnam and World War II memorials.  Nick was most excited to throw himself onto grass.

We did check out one museum, the Museum of Natural History, but it was crowded and Nick just wasn’t that interested.  So we had a little picnic instead.  Nick pointed out two complete strangers and loudly announced that THAT was his mommy and daddy, getting upset when they eventually left.  “Where are my mommy and daddy going?!?” Luckily, we did not get arrested for kidnapping.  Instead, we hopped a trolley for a little naptime and went to see the Jefferson, FDR and Martin Luther King Jr. memorials before sweet-talking one last trolley driver into gettting us back to Iwo Jima.

Such a busy day, but we weren’t done!  We ended with a wonderful visit to see Aunt Sarah and Uncle Merlin at their new house.  We had Thai food and told them all about our trip, Justin Timberlake and Ghostbusters.

Spring Break #2: On to DC!

On Wednesday, we headed to our hotel, which was located just outside of D.C. in Rosslyn.  The room wasn’t ready, but we were an easy walking distance to Iwo Jima, which made for a great wait!  Next to the memorial is a monument that was gifted to the U.S. from the Netherlands, and, wow!  The tulips were in bloom, and I think this was actually one of Nick’s favorite parts of the whole trip.

That evening, we went to  beautiful little restaurant called Firefly.  Kids get to decorate a sugar cookie before dinner, and they bake it and bring it out at dessert time.  Once Nick realized that he could just eat the chocolate chips & sprinkles, it became a little more difficult to decorate, but in the end, we got some on the cookie. (Picture the kid using the cup of sprinkles like a shot glass…)

Spring Break Trip: 1st Stop, Nana’s House!


This is Nick on his first real train ride.  We got up bright and early and headed to Penn Station and took a 2 1/2 train ride to Baltimore.  He was pretty good… he started getting antsy just in time for us to get off and see Nana!

Our first stop was Uncle Wigglies for lunch… and chocolate ice cream, of course!


Then we went to Nana’s to play and color Easter eggs… kind of.  He really didn’t care  about coloring eggs, but he enjoyed putting stickers on them once they had dried.

The next day, we went to the National Aquarium in Baltimore.  It was amazing!  One of Nana’s parishioners, Karen, volunteers there and offered to come and show us around.  Nick had his good moments and his harder moments throughout the day, but he especially loved the sea horses and seeing the dolphins jump out of the tank to splash everyone.  He also loves his very special shark souvenir.


When it was time to go, we wanted to take an official photo of the visit.  Just like with everything else, when it comes to photos, we get one of two Nicks:  the adorable posing child or the child who absolutely does not want his picture taken.  Guess which one we got today…


It’s a Date!

To kick off our Spring Break, Nick and Mommy had a special day date!  First came lunch.  This is how Nick eats his Shake Shack burger:


And this is what happens when Nick is so cute and charming that the manager asks him if he’d like free ice cream:


Then we headed over to Flushing Meadows- Corona park and checked out the famous Unisphere sculpture from when the World’s Fair was in Queens.  The fountain wasn’t on, so kids were just running around the big concrete area.

Our final stop was the zoo, where Nick finally got to meet “Baby Davey.”  Of course, Davey isn’t such a baby anymore! We had a good time, although these two boys were a little like herding cats…


Hey, Bud!

These two have no choice but to grow up friends…

Here’s Nick with Elgin & Jenn’s son, Ben. They definitely enjoyed each others’ company and pretty much played together this time.   We got to meet Ben’s little sister, Baby Olivia, while we were there, too.