Nick’s obsession with The Sandlot (and with marshmallows) finally led to the inevitable…. roasting marshmallows over our stove burner to make s’mores for the first time! He liked it so much that it took him about an hour to eat it. Savoring the taste?


Crazy Hair

Nick still has a little bit of cradle cap (!), so I decided to put some coconut oil on it. Then I decided to try out a new hairstyle. Nick was cool with it. For about two seconds.

Easter 2018

Here are some photos from our Easter at Babci and Papa Vinnie’s…. plus the eggs that we colored at our house a few days before!

And here is a fun series of photos I’ll just title “Torturing Nick.” Or maybe “Nick Torturing the Rest of Us”…? I’ll be glad when this NO PHOTO phase is over!!

Inspired by the Movies

We are definitely a household of movie lovers. Nick always has a favorite movie that he watches nonstop until we can get him turned on to a new one. So he has quite the collection at this point, and we do our best to switch it up and return to old favorites, mostly just to stay sane. Of course, his love for Ghostbusters has stayed consistent. He knows the original backwards and forwards, and he reenacts the scenes with his many action figures. Recently, he discovered that there’s a Ghostbusters 2…. so we slowly introduced it.

When Nick suddenly wanted his easel and paints set up in the living room, I eventually realized that it was thanks to Ghostbusters 2, which revolves around a painting and an art museum.

And while he was obsessed with The Sandlot, he found a baseball at the park and insisted that it belonged to “The Beast.” In fact, we’re pretty sure that it did belong to some large, slobbery dog, and Nick brought it home. We washed it off, but YUCK. It’s in with his toys now.

And even though he’s a bit young for a movie obsession, don’t you think Justin might be a fan of The Godfather? Here he is, making us an offer we can’t refuse:

Time with Grandpa Rich and Grandma

In the middle of March, Grandma and Grandpa Rich flew out for a week of Justin-sitting.  Despite Nick’s issue with getting his photo taken (which is a major theme at all events these days…), we had a great time!

They also brought Nick a couple of surprises, including a dinosaur egg that we watched hatch in a bowl of warm water.  Nick learned some patience, as it took almost all week for the full creature to emerge.  But his hope was that it would be a T-Rex, and as you can see, dreams do come true…