Baby Likes Sauce

Justin has been so interested in our food lately that I decided to let him suck the sauce off of some pizza. And now he thinks he’s entitled to all pizza. Preparation for Italy…?


Justin at 7 Months

We celebrated 7 months at Nana’s. Justin is still a very happy baby, although we’re working on falling asleep, which isn’t always so pleasant. He is just beginning to sit by himself and is getting really good at rolling and maneuvering on the floor. He grabs toys and wants to feed himself. Teething biscuits and mesh teethers filled with fruit are favorites now so that he CAN feed himself. He still smiles and laughs more for his brother than he does for anyone else. And he still only has two teeth.

Kicking off the summer at Nana’s

For the third year in a row, Nick and I headed to Nana’s for the beginning of July. This time, we had an extra little companion! It was a great week. Nana got a little pool, which Nick loved and insisted that he only go in naked. So kind of like getting a bath every day…?

We took him to his first art museum, a really cool one in Baltimore called the Visionary Art Museum. His favorite pieces were the man made out of wood “with two heads” and Edgar Allen Poe made out of Peeps. Seriously, he will not stop talking about the Peeps, and every time we mention any museum, he asks if there will be a man made out of Peeps. Every museum from here on out might be a disappointment. Oh, the museum also had a machine that made farting sounds. Still not as cool as the Peeps.

(He insisted on having his picture taken with this naked wire man.)

(Edgar Allen Poe made out of Peeps.)

In the middle of the week was the 4th of July, so we attended the parade and party. This year one of mom’s parishioners offered us some wonderful seats! It was just so freaking hot. We didn’t last the whole parade. 😢

We also visited the Maryland Science Center. We got to try out a planetarium with a really cute Sesame Street show.

We had lunch.

And we went to the kids area, where both kids had a blast! Nana took Justin to the singalong that was happening, and he sat up (which was huge in itself!) and watched intently until he dropped off to sleep on the toys in front of him. Nana and the songleaders had tears of laughter running down their faces!

There was also an area with dinosaur bones, and Nick got to practice digging for fossils.

It was definitely a busy week that ended with love and sleep.

A Little Trouble…

Justin is still a sweet, sweet baby, but sometimes he can still cause some trouble. Remember Nick’s playlist? Right through the middle…

And… my favorite… if you have a weak stomach, this may be the time to turn away… J loves bouncing in his bouncer. One evening, as I was getting ready for dinner, I realized that he was gleefully bouncing ON something. And that something, ladies and gentlemen, was poop.

Cousin Love

It was baby’s first trip to Boston…well, Hingham! We went up to visit for Fathers’ Day weekend, and it was so much fun to watch the boys play with their cousins. Nick is officially obsessed with Sam, although he played a lot more with Vivi than he has in the past. We got to see Sam play baseball and Gabby play soccer. Oh, and Nick is still afraid of the ocean, but he will throw rocks at it.