Boo at the Zoo!

img_2522Nana came up for a fall visit and a fun trip to the zoo.  Nick is still talking about all of the animals we saw…the penguins and the sea lions and the gorillas and the zebras and the giraffes and the lions (we actually saw one roaring!) and the flamingos but not the elephants because “it was broken.” (The Asia monorail, which is the only way to see the elephants at the Bronx Zoo, has only been operational once when I was there, and today was not that day.) But he did get to try a Rice Krispie treat for the first time, so that makes up for it.

Off to School

Last spring, Jon and I decided that we wanted to find a daycare for the fall.  We were so fortunate to have Mae, someone who we we trusted completely and who was really part of the family, but we knew that Nick was going to need to expand his social horizons, especially as an only child surrounded by doting adults.

We initially found a small daycare operating out of a renovated apartment, but when that fell through, we found ourselves at Happily Ever After, which has children age 2-4 and is really more of a preschool than a daycare.  So 4 days a week, Nick goes to “school.”  He loves his teachers and will tell you all about his day. “We do circle time and playground and play with toys and eat food…” And he comes home with so much artwork that we need to come up with a plan for how we’re going to have to deal with it…

He’s never had a security blanket or a stuffed animal that he’s particularly attached to, but now that he’s in school, that idea has manifested: it’s his coat.  He never wants to take it off, neither at school nor at home.  We can trade out coats, so it doesn’t have to be one in particular, but it must be on at all times besides bath time. He had picture day last Friday; I have no idea if they managed to get the coat off, but I’m guessing no.

End of Summer

Nick had one more birthday celebration when we visited Nana’s house.  We also visited Nana’s church (and maybe we have to practice staying quiet sometimes and NOT waving to Nana when she’s in front of the church…) and had lots of fun with stickers, Pooky and Guido.

After that visit, we stayed home for the rest of the summer, but the cousins came to us for some fun NY adventures!  We checked out the Museum of Natural History and The Statue of Liberty. Well, Nick and I went to the Statue, but instead of climbing the stairs…which really would’ve resulted in Mommy carrying Nick up a ridiculous amount of stairs…Nick just played with trees, leaves, sticks and dirt.  So a good time was had by all!


We Heart North Fork

Nick’s birthday celebrations continued with a trip to the North Fork of Long Island  with Grandpa Rich and Grandma.  We’d never been there before, but it was terrific, and we’ll definitely be back!

Along the way, we had our choice of produce stands and decided to stop at one where we could have some freshly smoked corn-on-the-cob.

Perhaps the coolest part of the trip was Nick’s new affinity for getting into the swimming pool.  He actually didn’t hesitate getting in… In fact, the first time I showed him the pool, he begin climbing down the steps in his clothes and was completely soaked before we’d even checked in.  The bigger challenge was that he wanted me to hold him the entire time, which was exhausting.  I tried to pass him off…Nope.  We tried getting him a floatie…Nope.  But he eventually warmed up to both Grandpa Rich’s arms and the floatie.

We also headed to the local beach, which was actually more pebbles than sand.  At first I was worried that Nick would be disappointed that he couldn’t play in the sand.  What was I thinking?  The beach full of smooth, beautiful rocks was paradise for this kid.  He had a blast throwing rocks into the water.

The town nearest The Blue Inn, where we stayed (and swam!) was Greenport. It was a great place to walk around, shop, ride the carousel and eat our newest love: cream ices.

We also checked out a new coffee spot (Four & Twenty Blackbirds)  in the next town over, and it also happened to specialize in pies…

Saying goodbye at the end of a great trip.