Christmas 2018: The Big Sick

Justin got hit with a fever the weekend before Christmas, and it stuck around through Christmas. Nick decided to join him just in time, and we had two sick boys on Christmas Eve. We gave them both Tylenol, which perked them up for a while, but it was not an ideal evening at Aunt Ann’s. We managed though, with the help of a lot of family support, especially from Nick’s cousins, who did their best to cheer up poor Nick.

Luckily, Nick was revived for Christmas morning. He came into our room and asked if we should all go see if Santa came… and Santa had definitely come! And he brought Nick all of the things he wanted. Justin was still feverish and fussy, but he isn’t opening presents yet anyway. This meant that Nick got to open even more presents! (Who cares if they’re not actually yours? Opening them is the best part!) Then it was time to play, and with Tylenol to the rescue again, Justin was ready to join in the fun!

Some Pre-Christmas Mischief

With the tree up, the boys were really feeling the Christmas spirit. Nick was anxious for presents, and our little elf was excited to be able to walk around and get into everything…

But he wasn’t the only one getting into things. I discovered that Nick really likes peanut butter fudge.

The weekend before Christmas was a trip to Babci and Papa Vinnie’s, where the mischief continued…

It even included a trip to Chuck E. Cheese for Mommy and Nick with the cousins.

And lots of cousin time.

The babe is one.

They say kids start walking around their 1st birthday, and Justin heard that. He started walking the very week he turned 1, and he’s gotten very good at it very quickly. He prefers to hold things as he walks…it could be anything, really. And he’s really proud of himself.

We did a smash cake at Thanksgiving with Jon’s family, but I made a cake for his actual birthday as well. He wasn’t interested in unwrapping presents, but he was very interested in playing with all of his new toys!

Justin at 1 has been a little fussy at times, but full of love and hugs. Maybe the fussing is due to the molars poking through! He still doesn’t like to take naps at home, although he doesn’t cry nearly as long. He will still eat pretty much anything! Pancakes, bananas, mac & cheese and berries are favorites. He loves playing with toys and really likes opening cabinets and drawers, especially when he can pull out all of the pots and pans and bang them around. He’s still in love with Ripley. He claps to show his happiness or whenever anyone says, “Good job!” His babbling is very expressive, but he’s still not using words. The sweet, mischievous personality is definitely shining through, though!

Visiting Santa

Well, Justin did not take to Santa quite as well as Nicholas has throughout the years. He was in great spirits until we set him on a stranger’s lap.

Then we got him to stop crying two whole times, but the photographer was too slow. We finally insisted on just taking the picture.

Of course, once we walked away from Santa, Justin was all smiles again.


As you can see, I’m pretty far behind with the blogging… we’ve definitely been in survival mode these last few months. Someone is always sick! But we did have a really nice Thanksgiving weekend, minus the sick. We started at Babci and Papa Vinnie’s:

And we celebrated Justin’s birthday a little early with a giant smash cake:

Then it was on to Nana’s for a couple of days! First was the Polar Express! It was a cool experience, although the boys were a bit of a handful. Picture me holding a baby and two hot chocolates while trying to eat a sugar cookie…

Also, Nick is still super weird about getting his picture taken, but we had some success. The event was at the railroad museum, so we ran around in there after the ride. I think Nick might have actually liked that part more!

That night, Nick began his next illness with a bang. But Justin was still in good spirits… the day of the OSU/ Michigan game!

Just about walking…. 😉