Santa Visit 2017


Love for Nonno

This picture was taken in the midst of a weekend dedicated to saying goodbye to Jon’s grandfather, Nick’s Nonno. He was a wonderful man, and what a beautiful gift for Nick to have gotten to know him. Although Nick didn’t necessarily understand what was happening, he was an amazing little boy all weekend long, sensing when to stay quiet and when to spread his love. We were very proud, and we know that he will continue to make us (and Nonno) proud.

Very thankful.

This year’s Thanksgiving brought us together with family and was combined with a baby shower to remind us just how much we have to be thankful for. It also gave Nick another opportunity to stay the center of attention…

We learned that schools are still telling the Thanksgiving story the same way they always have, as evidenced by Nick’s probably offensive Native American headdress. And we learned that none of the standard Thanksgiving foods fit under Nick’s “Like” column at this point. He ate corn muffins, only because he referred to them as “cupcakes.”

The shower was lovely. And as difficult as it was to figure out Thanksgiving with gestational diabetes, I did have a piece of the delicious cake that Chris made for us. We are so thankful for such a loving, supportive family, especially as we bring Baby 2 into the world!

And after we wrapped up a wonderful Thanksgiving Day, Nick and I went on one last pre-baby trip and went back to Maryland with Nana. Nick was more than willing to start talking Christmas, and we visited this crazy tree festival at the state fairgrounds. I have to admit, my favorite part of the trip was that Nick still won’t sleep in his big boy bed… I got a couple more nights in of cuddling with my only child.

Darien is 1

Here are just a few pictures from the birthday party of Darien, Arush and Johanna’s son. It was a fun party full of food and with a couple of special guests… Nick’s dad is no Star Wars fan, so Nick wasn’t sure who Darth Vader was, but he knows now!

Halloween 2017

Nick has fallen in love with Halloween. All month long, he’s wanted to walk around the neighborhood to see all of the Halloween stuff…and the new neighborhood has been really good for it!

He decided early on what he wanted to be…Dr. Peter Venkman. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a jumpsuit in his size, so we pieced something together with a shirt that he will be able to wear for the next couple of years. And Mommy and Daddy got costumes to complement.

The weekend before, Uncle Chris visited, and our neighborhood had a big Halloween party in the park. So we got our costumes on and went.

I made some mummy cookies for his school Halloween party (“Mommy! I get to dress up like Peter Venkman and eat cupcakes!”). I’m not going to show you the Pinterest picture of what they were supposed to look like; just know that I tried really hard…

And then it was time to trick-or-treat. Nick had been practicing. But when he went with me, he got overwhelmed and quickly decided he wanted to go home. “I have enough candy.” So we passed out candy until Daddy came home. He went out again with Dad and had a much better time of it.