It was a chilly, very windy day, but today Nick had his first soccer lesson! He’s in a class with about 12 4-5-year-olds, and it meets at our park. He jumped right in and was smiling the whole time!

Justin, on the other hand, wanted to run into mud puddles, so I had to strap him back into the stroller. This is how he felt about that:

But here’s a little footage of the soccer player in action. Just watch that kid in the Superman hat and the really puffy coat.

Nana’s Ordination Celebration

Nana’s church threw her a party in honor of her 40 year anniversary of ordination, so we made the trip to attend. It meant an overnight at Nana’s and lots of parishioners gushing over how cute they are, so of course the boys had a great time! (The other man holding Justin is Pastor Mike Adams, the man who actually presided over the ordination 40 years ago.)