Justin is 11 months

…and I can’t believe it! He’s soooo close to walking, definitely able to stand for a while on his own. He loves his lion walker, and when it’s unavailable, he’ll just push one of the kitchen chairs across the floor as a walker instead. He loves to play with his brother’s toys and finds particular joy in beating things against the floor.

He is still babbling but sometimes sounds very conversational, with “yeah” popping out at appropriate times. Sometimes his communication comes in shrieks, which can get pretty rough. He can pretty much give high fives. His smile is pure sunshine, and his hoarse little old man laugh is amazing.

He has fallen in love with blueberries but will still eat pretty much anything. We did not let him have Halloween candy, but he may have had some bites of Nana’s birthday cake last weekend.

He is not all joy… he HATES being changed, diapers and clothes, and he wrestles and has horrible tantrums. He still wakes up off and on during the night, but the one constant is that he always wakes up between 4:30 and 5 to nurse. We are still nursing, although I think we’ve weaned it down to just after waking and just before bed.

He has quite the personality. 😁

Halloween for 2

Nick loves all things Halloween. This neighborhood has been fantastic for a lot of reasons, not the least of these being the crazy amount of Halloween decorations. So this year we got to introduce all of this to Justin as well. He has no idea what’s going on, but he participates in all of it with a smile.

Our family costumes… and maybe this is the only time we do a full family costume; Jon doesn’t get why we have to…. came from the mind of Nick, of course. From his obsession with Teen Titans Go!, he decided that he would be Robin, so I pieced together the rest. The only controversy was that Jon wanted to be Raven, despite Nick’s insistence that he be Cyborg… mostly because he wanted Ripley (the cat) to be a part of the group, and “cats can’t be robots!”

So here we are: Starfire, Beast Boy, Robin and Raven!

Justin at 10 months

I’m a bit behind on this, seeing as this kid will turn 11 months in a couple of days… but Justin at 10 months has been VERY active! He’s crawling and cruising and gets faster every day. He loves crawling over to the bathtub. And it’s even more exciting if one of us is taking a shower… he’ll just stick his head right in to let the water spray hit him in the face. He’s taking baths with his big brother and loves that, too.

He is still a fantastic eater and has fallen in love with blueberries, just like his brother. But he’ll eat anything. He’s still nursing, although I feel the end is nigh. He still fights naps…at home, that is. At daycare he apparently sleeps for hours. They love him at daycare, always talking about how happy he is. And he has the best laugh… it’s like a hoarse old man. He laughs a lot.

Please note that these photos were very hard to take. Apologies for the blurring.

Stuff in High Places

As soon as Justin began crawling, he began cruising. So he is suddenly very mobile, much to his brother’s dismay. Daddy and I remember what it’s like, and we are very conscious of keeping things out of reach… and not just out of reach, out of sight to avoid tears… but no matter how many times we remind him, Nick does not have this foresight. Thus, we do have a lot of tears, but not from the baby. (I will also say, Nick did not get into stuff quite like this kid. He IS the stereotypical crawler!)